1 hour Consultation – Student


One hour in person consultation at my home office.
While I do offer a 15-minute free phone call, some people prefer to meet in person. Book a consultation so you can meet me in person



Available to anyone who has a valid Student ID

Experience a one-hour in-person consultation at my home office, tailored for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Jayne Pivac’s services. While a brief 15-minute phone call is available, many individuals prefer the depth of a face-to-face meeting.

By scheduling a consultation, we can engage in a productive discussion about your child, where we can determine what services or programmes could be beneficial for your child.  Your decision to seek assistance is respected, it’s a big step for many parents or care givers to start this journey. Gaining clarity through our private conversation will not only put you at ease but also provide valuable insights into the potential results we can achieve together.

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