Davis Reading Program for Young Learners age 5 – 7

Davis Dyslexia Correction® young learners program

The Best Start: Young learners deserve the best start we can give them.
Strong research evidence suggests that children who are exposed to Davis methods at pre-reading or primary level (age 5-7) benefit in the following ways… READ MORE


Davis Reading Program for people age 8 – 80

Davis Dyslexia Correction® program

When properly trained and informed, a dyslexic can use their natural abilities to shift perceptions, enhance creativity, refine thinking, and improve physical performance. The Davis Dyslexia Correction® program allows you to discover your gifts and talents and overcome your learning difficulties. READ MORE


Johansen Auditory Stimulation

Sound therapy

Many people with speech and/or language difficulties, including difficulties with reading and writing, have inefficient Auditory (listening) Processing. Auditory Processing Difficulties may contribute to problems with language processing and the way in which people perceive (or hear) sounds in words. READ MORE


NDMT Neuro Development Therapy

Movement Therapy

Neuro Development Movement Therapy can have on wonderful results with children who have learning and behavioural difficulties. READ MORE


Initial Consultation/Assessment
A screening with Jayne Pivac for dyslexic learning styles, talents and motivation. The assessment helps find out if the Davis programs are well suited.

Life changing results.

There is a 97% success rate for clients who complete the Davis Dyslexia course.

How much improvement?

Contrary to what they often heard from teachers, it’s not that dyslexics never paid attention in school or simply refused to concentrate. Every bit as eager to learn as anyone else, they often paid very close attention in class and strove harder than most. But they were unable to gain the benefit of instruction that didn’t take their perceptual gifts or learning style into account.

ALL clients will see improvement

in the course of the week. It is common to see an improvement of one or more grade levels in reading by the end of the 30-hour program.
By the end of the 30 hour program, the client has normally already experienced a significant change in self-esteem and the areas that he/she decided to focus on.


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