Dyslexia only becomes a “disability” when uncorrected distortions occur, creating confusion and conflicting information which cannot be processed clearly.
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You know there is a difficulty


You are looking for a solution to correct the issue


Taking the Davis Dyslexia course with Jayne Pivac


Enjoying new skills and confidence that will be with you for life

At the heart of Dyslexia is a creative talent

“I am delighted to be able to facilitate these courses with people of all ages and backgrounds, nothing pleases me more than hearing back from happy adults, teenagers, children and parents who have completed course work with me, they always inspire me to do more.” Jayne

5 Days with Jayne Pivac

In only 5 days (30 hours) you can discover your gift and
improve your life with the Davis methods!

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8 Most Underrated Workouts
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Mistakes fighting with cellulitis

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Mistakes fighting with cellulitis

JESSICA age 12:

“Before I went to Jayne I thought I couldn’t achieve anything, now I think I CAN DO ANYTHING!”



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